My name is Hans-Georg Döring

väkommenI am the pastor of the Scandinavian Church of Sao Paulo. Although I am German, I am a Swedish pastor, but I want to be the pastor of all who want to come to us.

I offer you the following:

  • Open ears for your problems

  • Acceptance of your orientation (sexual, life view)

  • Accompaniment through difficult stages of your life

  • Invitation to membership in our community open to all

  • Living Christian faith in times of science and logic

I speak German and Swedish fluently, Portuguese and English tolerably. I can also communicate in writing in other languages with the help of computer programs. Most of the language versions are machine translations and therefore contain errors. Corrections are necessary. If you have a suggestion, please send it to me! Thanks!
Because Scandinavians do not have a common language, we often communicate in English or Portuguese. Nevertheless, even those who do not understand these two languages are welcome in our community. We strive to integrate everyone nonetheless.

If you click on my photo, you will learn more about me.

Mobil, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal: +55 47 984448565.